From the Desk of Michele Kent

 June 14, 2016

LeadingAge New Jersey President and CEO, Michele Kent unveiled the "Doors of LeadingAge New Jersey poster at this year's Annual Meeting.

The following is an excerpt from Ms. Kent's keynote speech expanding on the theme of Be the Difference. 

"Implied here is Being the Differencein people's lives and, more specifically for LeadingAge context, for the lives of the seniors you touch with your care and services.  Of course, you already know you are that....that you ARE the difference.  And, it would be patronizing, if not downright insulting, to suggest that you need to remember that role and not minimize the importance, not only of what you do, but also of how huge a change your community and services often represent to those coming to you for care.

And, for all of us, change can be hard.....extremely hard.

A very common symbol of change is the door. A door can be an impediment, a barrier, or can be something that provokes curiosity as in 'What's behind that door?', or a gateway to something terrible, or scary... or wonderful.

What it always represents is a segue... to something else.  A threshold to change.
Your doors, while warm and inviting, also represent a massive and often unsettling change to many whom you serve.

Perhaps one inspirational quote I came upon should serve as the message to convey to our residents and, frankly, often to ourselves.

'Today, I close the door to the past,
Open the door to the future,
Take a deep breathe,
Step on through and start a new chapter in my life.'

Thank you all for enabling our seniors to step into that new chapter.  
Thank you for Being the Difference."

If you would like to purchase a copy, please call the main office at 609-452-1161 to order yours today.  

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